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Orceneth Fisher Papers


Orceneth Fisher was a Methodist circuit rider in Central Texas whose circuit included Goliad, Galveston, Indianola, San Marcos, and other locations. He eventually moved to Oregon, and some of his papers are at Oregon State, Corvalis, and the University of the Pacific. Other papers are at the American History Center at University of Texas. He was in Georgetown, Texas, in 1841, and probably had connections with the early institutions that preceded Southwestern University as well as Southwestern. Southwestern has the ceremonial sash he wore as chaplain of the Republic of Texas Senate, probably at the last session of the Republic. The papers include letters of courtship, letters to children with “good advice,” letters to and from his wife and family while traveling from parish to parish, sermons, tax receipts, and materials related to Methodist churches.


Fisher, Orceneth


Special Collections, Smith Library Center at Southwestern University



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Handwritten pamphlet of sermon given by Orceneth Fisher on the value of education to Paine Female Institute students and faculty.
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