Pamphlet regarding science teaching in secondary schools, dated September 1918


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Pamphlet regarding science teaching in secondary schools, dated September 1918


<p>Student Army Training Corps (SATC) - World War, 1914-1918 - Southwestern University - District of Columbia</p>


This is a twenty-page printed pamphlet. On the center of the first page is 'Department of the Interior, Bureau of Education, Washington, D.C.' and it is titled 'Science Teaching in Secondary Schools in the War Emergency'. In the upper left-hand corner is 'Secondary School Circular No. 3' and in the upper right-hand corner is 'September, 1918'. This body of the text introduces the importance of stimulating technical and scientific training in secondary and elementary schools. The second and third pages include the 'General Recommendations' that study in science should contribute to individual and community health and that it should be encouraged among high school students. The fourth and fifth pages provide recommendations to schools on how to actively promote science and how to attract a supply of science teachers. It suggests that schools 'urge boards of education to repeal the rule, or disregard the precedent, against the employment of married women'. The sixth and seventh pages continues outlining suggestions for teacher retention. The next section is 'Suggested Outlines of Courses [-] Courses in General Science'; it begins with 'The Selection of Material and Organization', then 'Methods of Presentation', and continues with 'Samples of Topics for General Science Courses'. On the eighth and ninth pages, the list of topics for consideration is given. The next section is 'Courses in Biology' and gives a general outlines that can be used in a general biology course or separate courses of botany and zoology. The tenth and eleventh pages give more elaboration on the biology sub-topics. Many of the sub-topics emphasize the relation between the topic and the students' everyday lives. The next section is 'Courses in Physics,' and the following section is 'Suggested topics bearing on military activities'. The twelfth and thirteenth pages list these suggested topics for military activity. The next section is 'Courses in Chemistry' and emphasizes the importance of chemists' work, especially to the wartime effort. The fourteenth and fifteenth pages continue the discussion of chemistry, including the guidelines for curriculum and class organization. The sixteenth and seventeenth pages provide information about the professional opportunities in the chemical industry. The eighteenth and nineteenth pages give an outline of the 'Report on the Science Committees of the Commission on Reorganization of Secondary Education'. At the bottom right-hand side of the page is printed 'Washington: Government Printing Office: 1918'. On the twentieth and back page of the pamphlet, there is no printing.
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