Examination of Urine


Urine Examination

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Examination of Urine


Southwestern University, Battle Creek Sanitarium, urine examination, Claude Carr Cody, urine chemical and physical components, and Dr. Mortensen


This urine examination card is an examination of Claude Carr Cody's urine sample including analysis of the various chemical and physical properties of urine. Dr. Mortensen, a doctor at Battle Creek Sanitarium, ordered the urine examination for C.C. Cody. The components of the urine are separated into two categories, physical and chemical. Physical properties include odor, color, and mass. Chemical properties include chemicals such as nitrogen, creatin and urea. The average measurements for male and female urine analysis measurements are also included in the card to provide insight on whether or not C.C. Cody's urine sample was considered normal.


Battle Creek Sanitarium, Dr. Mortnesen


The Claude Carr Cody Collection, Special Collections, Smith Library Center, Southwestern University. View the Finding Aid.


September 4, 1914


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