Claude Carr Cody's Battle Creek Sanitarium Collection

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Claude Carr Cody's Battle Creek Sanitarium Collection


Battle Creek Sanitarium, John Harvey Kellogg, US Progressive Era, Health and Medicine in 19th Century US, Patient Records


Claud Carr Cody was born in Georgia and got his AB and MA degrees from Emory in 1875 and 1878. He came to Southwestern University in 1879 as Professor of Mathematics and stayed here until his retirement in 1915. During his time at Southwestern, he served different administrative positions, including two times as President. His most important contribution to Southwestern was, perhaps, his struggle in 1910-11 to keep the university in Georgetown when a proposal came to move it to Dallas. Southwestern University Special Collections guards many of his documents related to his personal, academic, and university life. This digital collection highlights documents in relation to his visit to Battle Creek Sanitarium, a very famous health resort in Michigan run by the controversial Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. The Sanitarium evolved from a health center sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventists in the early nineteenth century. By the early 1910s, the Sanitarium had become health resort that advocated, almost religiously, a health regime based on a healthy diet, exercise, sexual abstinence, good sleep, and traditional and novel therapies such as hydrotherapy, phototherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, and exposure to fresh air. Documents from Cody’s visit to the Sanitarium include Harvey Kellogg’s booklet “The Simple Life in a Nutshell”, an appointment card, a registration card, several bills, an examination of urine, a prescribed diet menu, and 8 checks. Students in the Popularizing Class, Spring 2016, generated the descriptions of the items in this collection.


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The Simple Life in a Nutshell
Found amongst C. C. Cody's belongings after his trip to Battle Creek, Michigan, this pamphlet offers general lifestyle advice regarding mental health, diet, and exercise. Written and published by J. H. Kellogg, the pamphlet explains nutritional and…

[Weekly Bills]
Bills or receipts from C.C. Cody's stay at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan that present the types of treatments available, prescribed to C.C. Cody himself, as well as the pricing of these services. The weekly bills were printed…

Program of the Day
The Program of the Day contains designated gymnastic hours, the time of morning worship, meal schedules, hours of social gatherings and health and efficacy talks, music by the orchestra, and an Indian club drill and march taking place that day. The…

Prescribed Diet
The diet prescription card has rows of printed food options that fall into several different categories such as soup, vegetables, bread, and beverages. Cody's dietitian ,Florence C. Harvey, checked off items that he/she believed Cody should consume. …

Examination of Urine
This urine examination card is an examination of Claude Carr Cody's urine sample including analysis of the various chemical and physical properties of urine. Dr. Mortensen, a doctor at Battle Creek Sanitarium, ordered the urine examination for C.C.…
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