[Weekly Bills]


August 15, 1914 [Weekly Bills] [Claude Carr Collection]
August 22, 1914 [Weekly Bills] [Claude Carr Collection]
September 5, 1914 [Weekly Bills] [Claude Carr Collection]
September 12, 1914 [Weekly Bills] [Claude Carr Collection]

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[Weekly Bills]


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Bills or receipts from C.C. Cody's stay at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan that present the types of treatments available, prescribed to C.C. Cody himself, as well as the pricing of these services. The weekly bills were printed on long, thin sheets of paper. The artifacts resemble a modern day receipt in that they provide a list of services or products purchased by an individual as well as the price of that service or product. The bills were uniformly made and cover a range of services from general exams to kindergarten. The bills function as a way for the treasurer to keep track of the number of charges for each of Battle Creek’s customers. The services lifted on the bill are broken down into subsections: General Exam, Treatment of, Extra Bath Treatment, Treatment at Dr. Kellogg’s Office, Operations, Massage, Meals, Pharmacy, Sewing, Livery, and Books. Running vertically along the side of each bill there is a statement printed in capitalized red ink that reads, “BILLS PAYABLE WEEKLY (ON MONDAY) G.H. MURPHY, Treasurer”, along the opposite side of the bill reads, “PLEASE REPORT ERRORS TO CASHIER'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY”, and finally at the bottom of the bill there is a small saying in red, “All arrangements pertaining to prices, and business arrangements of any kind, can be made at the Business Office only”. The balances of the bills located in Special Collection for C.C. Cody range from $14 dollars to $61 dollars per stay depending on the number of treatments and examinations C.C. Cody wanted to receive.


Battle Creek Sanitarium Press


The Claude Carr Cody Collections, Special Collections, Smith Library Center, Southwestern University. View the Finding Aid here.


August 15- September 12 1914


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